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Voting member of  The Recording Academy - Grammy 


Birth, teens and early days of music.

  I was born on October 28 in Kongsberg, Norway in 1964, a city famous for its silver mines for about 330 years ending 1958. I was not like most children, I was born with one leg and music in heart and soul.

 I loved music even as a little child between the ages of  3 and 4 years old, so music was already there....I think I'm born with music on my mind.

 My life with a handicap and growing shorter than average has been a bit complicated and troubled, but I have always been a fighter and I made it through the hard times. 

I got my first guitar when I was eleven and started out with 2 and 3 cords, Mick Jagger once said that `rock 'n roll is 3 cords and energy. What made me wanna play guitar was bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan AC/DC etc.

 Playing guitar as a twelve year old gave me the idea of what three cords meant in music. I started to write songs. I was always the one who had to do the singing, not because I was a good singer, but I was the worst guitar player and somebody had to do the singing. I had a number of bands in the 80s and those where fun days and sometimes a little wild.

Going to America, Egypt, Malta and the 90's.

 In 1993 I made my first trip to the US and Canada, I crossed the Atlantic chasing my dream. I had 14 new songs and a demo in my suitcase.

 I ended up in Toronto and Minneapolis, in Mpls I met my first label guy Tim Bradach and he later signed me up for a 3 CD contract. It was a giant leap for me leaving Norway to work my music in the US. That meant a change of atmosphere, attitude, and style. I learned a lot the first years working the American way with Americans.

 I traveled to numerous of countries in the 90's it was kind of a busy decade I was exploring the world... at least parts of it. Went to Malta playing for food and drinks in 89/90 in restaurants, and then the land of the Pharaohs I was stunned by the history and I enjoyed my I walk inside of the pyramids. 

 Since 1995 I've had ha few performances in national TV and radio shows, and a few major music scenes in Norway 


The greatest moments in the period of 1995 till 2001 was recording in the US.

 I remember a few great moments in the 90's such as working with the folk legend "Spider" John Koerner. We sat in a studio recording one of my songs "State Of Mind" John and I recorded the song live in the studio, that was a momentum. John started out his career playing in a duo with Bob Dylan, and now he was sitting there recording with me.

 I also had great moments working with Willie Murphy who where Bonnie Raitt's first producer. I also worked with Bruce McCabe ex songwriter and piano player for Johnny Lang. I have only great memories and good friends from the Mpls days.


The new Millennium

 My Norwegian band and I recorded my fourth album Still Fallin' in a two year period from 2004 till 2006. From 2006 people really started to compliment my music and told me how much my music meant to them, how my music made them cry and helped them through hard times. I was stunned over the effect my music could have for some people. So in 2008 I followed up with an acoustic album called Nine To Go


TX and California ended up in Magic To Me

 I was about to quit the music business in 2008. I had 5 albums and was quite satisfied.

However things started to happen in late 2008. Someone in Texas wanted me to make a new album. So in January 2009, I started to write songs for a new album. I recorded my album in LA, and it all happened because of my friend Peach Reasoner who stood up to help me out.

In LA I was surrounded by great musicians who had played with my influential idols, like The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, The Knack, Rod Stewart, Billy Idol, Lou Reed, David Bowie etc, etc. For the first time I had someone producing my album, Richard Bosworth

Magic To Me got artwork by: Veronica Waters, daughter of the great Roger Waters


Signature: Signature a compilation album released in 2011

 Kisses And Cool Water my 20th anniversary album as a recording artist

 I started out recording the album at the legendary SugarHill Studios i Houston TX. There was a bunch of bad ass musicians playing on the album such as. Mark Andes, Michael Bland, Bruce McCabe, Sheth Tyson, Al Ortiz, Phil Jones, Blair Doerge, Kaci Timmons, Paul Litteral, Allysa, Kenny Cordray, Jimi Behringer, Brian Thomas, Anthony Sapp, Lars Lind, Billy Franze and engineered by Kris Wood and Jeremy Jonson. The album was produced by Ol Ask and mixed by Lars Lind and Ol Ask. Artwork by Veronica Waters

So far this has been the most fun and inspiring album to make, and this time I can really say Im really happy about it. Working in the studio was such a thrill and the atmosphere, the staff and the musicians was just was great. 

 Lot of great things happened in Houston TX and the great producer and the president of SugarHill Studios Dan Workman introduced me to the Grammy Awards, I am today a voting member at the Grammy Awards


Abbey Road Studio 2

I have started out on a new album and I was just recording at the Abbey Road Studio 2 the other day. Before I went to Abbey Road Studio2 I just released a single called Miss You Love To Pieces featuring Phil Jones, Paul Warren, Katja Rieckermann, Mark Andes, Kari Iveland, Bruce McCabe and myself.

I have also been writing two songs for an American movie, we will have to see if the producer choose to use my work in the end, but so far so good.





Ol Ask


DISCOGRAPHY: not counting singles 



Kisses And Cool Water - 2014



Signature - 2011


Magic To Me - 2010 - 2012


Nine To Go -2008


Still Fallin' - 2006


Flight 653 - 2001


Turning Point - 1999


ASK - 1997



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